Session 2 2020

July 7, 2020 West Chester $3,395.00
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Tzofim (current grades 3-4) rotate through several majors, led by arts specialists, to get a taste of what CAA has to offer.

Bonim (current grades 5-7), Olim (current grades 8-10) and Gesher (current grade 11) focus on one major per 12-day session in which they spend time in instruction and application with our arts mentors:

Creative Writing

Through an intensive study of the narrative form, writers learn to pull from their experience, emotion, and imagination to craft and edit works of written art. With particular attention to the building blocks of writing: plot, theme, character development, sensory details, rhythm, setting, and form, budding authors explore their craft by pushing on the boundaries of narrative in short stories, plays, poems, and creative nonfiction. The writing major is a safe space for exploring and sharing ideas, as well as for giving and receiving both peer and mentor feedback.

Culinary Art

The culinary arts nurtures a passion for food, provides the technique to properly handle, store, and prepare each component, and fosters an understanding of regional and cultural ingredients. Our young chefs work at our on-site farm, learn and sharpen skills in food preparation and safety, work with proven recipes, and experiment with original creations.


Our program reinforces a well-rounded understanding of theory, technique, and performance.  Through the development of their own choreography in the dance genre of their choice, and the development of skills that push their creative and technical limits, we foster intelligent dance artists. With an emphasis on self-directed learning, collaboration, and the great diversity of expression that exists within dance, our dancers are immersed body, mind and soul.

Instrumental Ensemble (Only offered Session 1 and 2)

We create an environment in which methodology and theory are highlighted as foundational skills through collaboration and teamwork. Our instrumentalists perform in large and small ensembles, while individual goals are supported and reinforced. Campers interpret and engage with existing works in a variety of genres while growing in their technical and musical skills.

Vocal Ensemble

Our vocalists learn to embrace their role as interpreters of both music and text.  Vocal artists develop their technique, musicianship, and musical imagination as well as their dramatic skills and stage presence. Each singer receives opportunities to grow as both a soloist and ensemble musician through studying diverse repertoire varying in style, genre, and language. Through mastering this music, CAA vocal arts majors will cultivate long-term learning strategies that will allow them to continue their growth even after they return home from camp.


Actors work on character development, breath and vocal techniques, improvisational methods, beats and objectives, physical awareness, audition skills and ensemble building. Our performers employ these elements in previously mounted works, as well as to unique productions that are crafted at camp. Masterclasses in areas such as stage combat are also offered within the program. By the end of the session, campers leave with tangible takeaways that support them in continuing their work outside of camp.

  • Classical/contemporary: From Shakespeare to Shephard, Moliere to Miller, players apply foundational technique to monologues and scene-study, and work on generating new theater pieces as an ensemble.
  • Musical theater: With decades of musicals at their disposal, actors focus on solos, duets and group pieces, fusing movement and voice with the key skills developed in theater.

Visual Art

Beyond technique and experimental approaches, visual art takes critical thinking to a whole other level.  Visual artists have access to studios in drawing, painting, and clay work. They derive inspiration from pieces by fellow artists, and from the natural world around us, to develop a critical eye to design and execute unique works.

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From Tuesday, July 7, 2020 at 8:00 am
Until Sunday, July 19, 2020 at 8:00 pm
6 Points Creative Arts Academy, a URJ Camp
975 Westtown Rd
West Chester, PA 19382

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