BIMA is Brandeis Universitys summer arts institute for high-school students. Our mission is to guide high-school students as they develop their imaginative and artistic faculties and explore the relevance of Jewish tradition in their lives. BIMA at Brandeis University is committed to the value of a serious and dynamic encounter between artistic expression and Jewish life. We aspire to serve as both a nurturing community and a creative catalyst for this interaction.

BIMA cultivates a vibrant, pluralistic environment for participants to hone their artistic skills, deepen their Jewish knowledge and ask questions about their identity as young Jewish people committed to pursuing the arts.

BIMA also encourages teenagers to see themselves as active participants in a vital Jewish culture and promotes a reinvigoration of creative expression and artistic imagination within Jewish religious and communal life.

We are guided in this endeavor by three central commitments:

Artistic Expression

BIMA takes seriously the growth and education of young artists. BIMA emphasizes artistic expression, self-reflection and collaboration, guiding students as they advance their skills, learn new techniques, expand their repertoire and pursue excellence in their artistic disciplines.

Jewish Exploration

BIMA presents a unique opportunity to spark Jewish creativity and examine the intersection between Jewish identity and the creative process. Jewish creativity depends upon Jewish exploration that challenges the mind and speaks to the heart. BIMA includes a range of opportunities for Jewish learning that are substantive, passionate and engaging.

Diverse Community

BIMA believes that interactions between high-school students from diverse backgrounds enhances creativity, and that exchanges among artists of different disciplines enriches artistic growth. BIMA promotes a dialogue of multiple interpretations in both Jewish living and the arts. The program includes opportunities for dialogue, collaboration and relationship-building among participants with different backgrounds. Our approach to both Jewish and artistic education emphasizes the dignity of individual identity and expression, a discourse of mutual sensitivity and respect and a spirit of openness and friendship within a diverse community.