A group of 14-16 Jewish high school juniors will be invited to the Holocaust Legacy Fellows program. Teens will be nominated from lay leaders in the Greater Boston community as they stand out as the ones who demonstrate leadership and want to make the biggest difference in their community. Teens accepted into the program will be expected to attend and participate in a series of required educational meetings and agree to fulfill all the program requirements.

The goal of the program is to educate Jewish teens about the Holocaust as a watershed event in Jewish history and in the history of humanity. Holocaust Legacy fellows will pledge to take the responsibility to actively preserve and perpetuate the memory and lessons of the Holocaust for future generations.

This unique program will include meeting and hearing testimonials from Holocaust survivors. Holocaust Legacy fellows will take a 10 day trip to Germany and Poland, where they will learn on site at historical locations. Upon return, students will be expected to share their experiences and thoughts with their schools and communities.

Eligible teens for Holocaust Legacy Fellows have to meet the following criteria:

  • Juniors in high school
  • Participated in an organized teen Israel experience
  • Must able to attend all required pre and post-trip meetings
  • Not previously participated in an organized Holocaust educational trip to Germany and Poland.