The mission of the IAC is to build an engaged and united Israeli-American community that strengthens the Israeli and Jewish identities of our next generations, that has a strong connection to the Jewish American community, and that promotes the bond between the people of the United States and the state of Israel.

The IAC brings the unique Israeli perspective (from both Jewish and Israeli traditions to entrepreneurial spirit) and a network of incredible volunteers who help inform the content and experience. IAC Boston runs multiple programs throughout the year, including:


Keshet is national children’s for the 4-8 age range (Pre-K through third grade) which is designed for Israeli and Jewish American young families that are interested in creating a positive and meaningful connection for their children to Israeli culture, Jewish heritage and the Hebrew language.

Eitanim is a program held in over 20 regions across the US which connects Jewish and Israeli-American teens in 9-12th grade with mentors from the community to learn about entrepreneurship, leadership, business, innovation, Israel and Jewish heritage. 

The Boston region flourishes with excellent universities where young Israeli-Americans can join MISHELANU.

National cutting-EDGE membership-based community of Israeli and Jewish American young professionals, ages 22-42, who are passionate about Israel and seek extraordinary networking opportunities and professional development and business accelerators.

Brings together Israeli and Jewish American families, into a communal experience around Shabbat dinner that combines Jewish traditions and Israeli culture.

IAC Boston’s activism arm includes many different touch points for aspiring activists, including the Boston Media Room, a program for teens that gives tools on how to be better activists online, speaker programs and workshops.

Our community thrives on open-hearted people who will unite to volunteer for those less fortunate through
IAC CARE activities.

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