The Jewish Arts Collaborative explores and presents the rich, diverse, and creative world of Jewish arts and culture—past, present, and future—to the widest possible audience, in venues across Greater Boston. Through a broad range of programming spanning the traditional to the innovative, we present the finest local, national, and international talent creating artistic work with a distinctive Jewish voice.


We believe that great Jewish art should be a dynamic and compelling force in our community and in the regional cultural mix. Wherever Jewish people have lived, they have inhaled the culture of the world around them, mixed it with Jewish tradition, and exhaled something fresh and beautiful. We seek to bring people together for moving experiences inspired by Jewish traditions and themes, where everyone can explore the depths of its creativity and identity. We are driven to share the richness of Jewish culture with all—those who love it, and those who know nothing of it.

In collaboration with existing arts and community organizations and on our own, we present inspiring, engaging, high-quality programs in museums and storefronts, music clubs and synagogues, theaters and classrooms, bringing the best of Jewish arts and culture to our region. A presenter, curator, partner, advisor, advocate, and incubator, the Jewish Arts Collaborative also provides much-needed support for the talented creative artists furthering the culture in its many varied forms. Our ultimate goal? To bring people and the arts together for enrichment, enjoyment, understanding, introspection, and fun.