“What’s the Right Thing To Do?” is a monthly column featuring ethical dilemmas with responses from students in the Greater Boston area. I am aware of the daily dilemmas students face and this column, of interest to both students and their parents, helps people openly discuss these issues and bring these ethical discussions we all face to the forefront. This concept is especially timely because we are faced with very challenging ethical dilemmas, which are even more prevalent now because of the power and influence of social media.

Your friend bought you a ticket for the Kanye West concert and offers it to you for free. You feel uncomfortable going because of his recent antisemitic statements, but you also enjoy his music. What’s the right thing to do?

“I would go because I like Kanye’s music. As long as I am not directly supporting his beliefs, I will go to enjoy his music.”
Andrew, 16 years old

“I would not go because my family and friends would be disappointed in me. I would feel uncomfortable and not enjoy it.”
Olivia, 14 years old

“I would not go because if I support him, I am supporting the hatred of Jews.”
Charlie, 14 years old

“I would go because I have liked his music since a child. I love his old music. I don’t believe in supporting him financially, however if the ticket was already purchased, I would go.”
Jenna, 17 years old

“I would definitely not go because I wouldn’t be able to enjoy his music knowing what he did.”
—Laura, 16 years old

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