Binah B’emet opens in the fall of 2016 at Temple Emeth in Chestnut Hill. It retains the core values and innovative methodologies of the Ma’or program, the collaborative venture in cutting edge, enlightened Jewish education which it succeeds.

Binah B’emet can be translated as Knowledge/Understanding and Truth, or Knowledge at (Temple) Emeth. Its mission is to build a community of families who share the vision and want to explore the idea of community education and action – learning and doing the Jewish way. The goal is the formation of Jewish identity through the establishment of a community built on Jewish values with a global outlook.

The program features limmud leculam – learning for all, an approach to multi-generational value-based study, to be held on Sunday mornings. Director Samara Katz and her team of teachers along with Temple Emeth clergy will focus on community education around specific themes. With all ages learning simultaneously, many possibilities for Tikkun Olam (acts of kindness to repair the world) and community engagement will emerge organically, and will become a springboard for projects undertaken as a community.

The program is open for students in pre-K through grade 7, regardless of synagogue affiliation. For information contact Samara Katz at or at 617-469-9400.