Facing History and Ourselves promotes tolerance and civic responsibility in young people by providing professional development and support for their teachers. Our content, resources, and classroom strategies inspire young people to recognize their capacity to build strong, inclusive communities. The organization is widely recognized for the effectiveness of its professional development programs and the quality of its curricular materials.

Since its founding in 1976, Facing History has grown from an innovative course taught in a single classroom to an international organization with offices across the U.S. and in London and Toronto, and partnerships in China, Israel, Northern Ireland, and South Africa. Facing History trained educators reach an estimated two million young people each year in public, charter, independent, and religious schools through our global network of more than 22,000 teachers. In Massachusetts, more than 4,500 Facing History teachers reach an estimated 450,000 students each year.

The organization has published numerous resource books, study guides, and interactive online modules. Our website attracts 1,000,000 visitors from 215 countries and territories annually. Facing History reaches the broader community through public events and extensive online resources.

Facing History uses an in-depth case study of the collapse of democracy in Weimar Germany and the steps that led to the Holocaust as well as other historical case studies of bigotry and injustice to examine issues of tolerance, civic responsibility, and social justice. Facing History’s unique integration of content and interactive teaching strategies builds students’ historical understanding, critical thinking skills, understanding of different perspectives, and awareness of social issues. Our professional development services help teachers create classroom environments that allow for the safe discussion of sensitive issues such as prejudice and discrimination.