Temple Reyim is an egalitarian synagogue, affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Our mission is to enjoy a full range of religious, educational and social programming. The synagogue fosters the sense of camaraderie and closeness that comes from belonging to a small congregation. We seek to build our congregation of friends around the three pillars of Jewish life: prayer, learning and deeds of loving-kindness.

Our religious services are participatory, inclusive, joyous and song-filled as we seek to use music to inspire our services that have guided our people for generations. In addition to observance of Shabbat, Festivals, holidays and fast days, we maintain a daily morning minyan and a kosher kitchen. We offer Shabbat evening, morning, and afternoon services, including the full Torah reading each week.

Our robust educational programming strives to satisfy the needs of members of all ages – from pre-school through Hebrew School and an active adult learning program. Teachers include our professionals, our members and guest speakers; our Kallah weekend of study each year is a highlight of our adult learning program. All members are welcome, regardless of their background, yet we challenge one another to grow educationally, spiritually and religiously.

Temple Reyim fosters a sense of friendship and support within our community. Our members are connected socially, through events at the synagogue, as well as in members’ homes. Teens join together through our award-winning United Synagogue Youth program.

Our members are a strong network of support in times of difficulty, and comfort in times of loss. In recognition of our responsibilities to the world around us, we promote numerous ongoing partnerships throughout the year with other religious and communal agencies. We actively support the State of Israel as the eternal homeland of the Jewish people.

Read the vision in entirety at http://reyim.org/index.php/about-us/our-vision.