“What’s the Right Thing To Do?” is a monthly column featuring ethical dilemmas with responses from students in the Greater Boston area. I am aware of the daily dilemmas students face and this column, of interest to both students and their parents, helps people openly discuss these issues and bring these ethical discussions we all face to the forefront. This concept is especially timely because we are faced with very challenging ethical dilemmas, which are even more prevalent now because of the power and influence of social media.

The group of people at your school that you want to be friends with decide to skip class to get food during the school day. They invite you to go with them but you know it’s wrong to ditch your class. If you don’t go with them, you are afraid you will lose this friendship and you won’t have anyone else. What’s the right thing to do?

“I would go with them because I am really struggling with finding friends and missing one class wouldn’t do much. I feel like I would have a really fun time with them and sometimes you have to do what is best for yourself, and in this case my social life is more important to me.”
Abby, 10th grade, Gann Academy

“I would not ditch my class because my friends should respect my decision, and if they are truly my friends they would understand me not wanting to go with them. I do recognize this is a difficult choice because obviously it would be fun to go with my friends, but I don’t think this decision should depend on our friendship, and I would rather lose this friendship than be with people who don’t respect my choices.”
Meital, 11th grade, Gann Academy

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