Welcome to the Boston Workers Circle Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice! We are:

  • A community and spiritual home for secular Jewish life
  • A voice for progressive Jewish values and social change
  • An arts and education center celebrating Yiddish, Jewish and progressive culture

We are proud to be a community where whatever your Jewish background, whatever the faith, ethnic, or gender diversity of your family, children and adults feel welcome and participate fully at all levels of the organization.

We’re kind of like a congregation, but we’re different.

Jewish identity is proudly rooted in cultural heritage and a commitment to justice.

  • Members help to create and run all programs
  • Continuity is built on the foundation of our history as a 110-year-old mutual aid organization founded by Jewish immigrants

We’re a multigenerational arts and education center.

  • Educational opportunities are available for every generation: a cultural Sunday School for children grades K through 7, a social action teen group, classes for adults of all ages, plus a unique young adult community
  • The treasured cultural legacy of Yiddish language and culture finds contemporary expression and meaning in varied programming
  • Participatory and creative arts engage as well as entertain

We speak out for justice.

  • Social action committees foster dialogue and debate, mutual understanding, and action
  • The pursuit of a more just and humane world is woven into all holiday observances and celebrations, educational and arts programming, and children’s activities
  • We seek to be a community that is inclusive and accessible to all, from ASL-interpreted High Holiday services and chorus concerts to fully accessible Sunday School classes in rented space