Temple Isaiah is a special place. We are a warm and caring community that also values and respects the individuality of its members and the diversity of it membership. We are deeply committed to Jewish tradition, yet proud of our ongoing history of innovation. We offer a vast array of programs and activities, while encouraging our members to find their own paths and craft their own approaches to living a Jewish life. We take Jewish education seriously, for ourselves and our children, while encouraging our members to question and challenge. Our outstanding professional leadership values and relies on congregants as partners in determining our synagogue’s direction and planning/leading our programs. We strive to be a sacred community that matters in our members’ lives and makes a difference in the larger world.

Whether you are considering joining our congregation, are a current member, or are seeking information about Judaism and our offerings, we encourage you to explore our website and visit us. Stay for a service, a program, or a lifetime. Become involved in learning, singing, or social action activities, and find your place in the fabric of our community.

We are an inclusive community, with members from a wide range of backgrounds, from observant to Reform to secular. We welcome Jews-by-choice and interfaith families, who participate actively in temple life. Our congregation includes GLBT members who joined Temple Isaiah to pursue their Jewish journeys in a supportive and accepting community.

We are located in historic Lexington, Massachusetts, but draw our membership, now comprising 800 households, from many neighboring communities. We participate actively in community life in many of the towns where our congregants live and work, through interfaith programs, Mitzvah Day projects, support of regional and national Jewish organizations, and other activities.